Resources for Women and Children in Athens


Breastfeeding Support - La Leche League

La Leche League is a voluntary organization that supports women interested in or actively breastfeeding. It was founded in 1956 and has flourished so that it is now a worldwide organization that has the backing of the World Health Organization.

The regular monthly meetings are held throughout the greater Athens area with both English or Greek speaking groups available.  They offer a personal support network from mothers who themselves have breastfeeding experience and group leaders are trained to give specific advice for women who may need additional support. It is a wealth of knowledge for parents to be and has a library with many books and resources relating to pregnancy, breastfeeding and parenting which members are entitled to use.  Women are encouraged to attend during pregnancy so as to be fully informed prior to birth.

Breastfeeding babies and children are welcome at the meetings.
For more information visit or contact:
Laura Foti-Liverakos on 210 623 2527

Natural Childbirth

The Natural Childbirth Centre is a newly designed maternity unit with birthing pools and comfortable birthing rooms which is run by experienced midwives.  Please contact Elda Lati on 210 261 6155 or 6946 622891 or see

Neo Humanist Centre

This is a non profit centre in Marousi which provides many different services primarily but not exclusively for women and children and includes the following:

  • Mother and toddler groups
  • 3-5 yr old One World Children’s Circle
  • Baby massage courses
  • Yoga and meditation classes
  • Birthing options group for pregnant women
  • Cancer support group
  • Wellness Connection Health Awareness Presentations
  • Homeopathic First Aid Courses

For further information please contact Didi on 210 806 0389 or see

Xalarosis is a website dedicated to the art of Health,Life & Well-Being.

A great place to get information on the various ways to accomplish a lifestyle that allows you to enjoy life to it's full extent.

Συνταγες μαγειρικης is a great website about greek kitchen, good food and cooking recipes.

A fast growing community of cooks, fancy chefs and wanna be rookies that enjoy nice eating nice food and sharing their recipes.

Βοτανα και θεραπειες a website about herbs and their uses in trating various common symptoms.


Other Complementary Therapists


Maria Andreoulaki - Reflexologist and Doula

Maria was trained as a birth and postnatal doula by Michel Odent (paramana-doula Course) and Gloria Lemay.  She has the Second Degree of Reiki Natural Healing and is a registered reflexologist.  She was based in Amsterdam for four years where she followed an apprenticeship with Lilith Turk, Active Birth teacher (preparation of pregnant women for natural birth) and was specialized in the physical preparation and care for the perinatal period.  She is founding member of EUTOKIA, the association for the Promotion of Natural Birth and an active member of La Leche League.  A mother of two children, she lives and works in Athens, dedicated to the ‘whole’ health of family life.
Tel: 210 68 59 336 or Email: [email protected]

Mark Gessler lic Ac - Acupuncture

UK trained Constitutional Acupuncturist.  Aside from treating patients Mark is also teaching at the Hellenic Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Tel: 210 951 2830 or Mob: 6945 892300

Wellness Connection

Group of complementary practitioners who meet monthly at the Neo Humanist Centre.  Open to all, free to the general public for those who are interested in health related matters.
For further information please contact Catherine Skepetaris : 210 766 9082 or see


Καταστημα βιολογικων Υγιεινων Τροφων
Κ Πλεσιωτης & Υιοι Ο.Ε.
Κηφισιας 130, Αθηνα   Τηλ.  210 69 20 838


Χωροs Τεχνηs & Δημιουργιαs
Σολομου 17
Ν. Ψυχικο
154 51 
Τηλ:  210 6776 772

Catherine Skepetaris - Personal Wellness Coach

Coaches people about diet and lifestyle, helping them to overcome weight problems and balance their nutritional needs with the stressful schedules of modern life.
Tel:  210 766 9082 or Mob: 6974 483866
Email:  wellness[email protected]

Theresia and Antonis Remoundos - Business and Life Coaches

Theresia and Antonis specialize in individual coaching and also run group coaching sessions.
They work to assist people in achieving their personal, professional, spiritual or family goals.
They currently have on offer a half hour free Conditional Consultation.

Tel: 210 8087 861
Fax: 210 8087 867
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]

Ηρω Γκουρλια (For Greek speakers only)

Shiatsu, Yoga and Pilates.
Tel:  6972 085712