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Self Help Homeopathy for the Home
            Pelion, Greece
         August 21-28 2009


Come to Kalikalos in the heart of Pelion and experience the beauty and diversity of this unique region which combines perfect beaches with some of the most luscious landscapes in the whole of Greece.

You will learn about homeopathic first aid, addressing simple problems such as bruises, burns, insect bites, jellyfish stings and sprains to flu and fever, earache, cystitis, how homeopathy can assist women during labour and as an aid to postoperative recovery.

This ‘Homeopathy for the Home’ course in Pelion focuses on bringing to life the subject of homeopathic first aid in order for you to go home and use this knowledge practically and effectively.  It is especially suitable for:

  • families and those with small children.


  • health care professionals such as nurses or midwives who wish to broaden their knowledge and understanding of homeopathy as a complementary therapy.
  • those who are planning to travel abroad, particularly to remote areas where medical access may be limited.


  • women who intend to become pregnant, to learn about how homeopathy may benefit them during labour and in the postpartum period.

The accommodation is based on a community living arrangement, you will contribute
4-5 hours of community service (karma yoga) which may include watering the garden, helping to prepare a meal or cleaning up after meal or two.

It is of course an opportunity to meet new and interesting like minded people and share your experiences however if you are more of a solitary soul you will likewise find plenty of time to rest and recoup and soak up the Greek sunshine.  Aside from being able to visit the beach in the afternoons you can also amuse yourself in the quaint little village or taking a long stroll through the blackberry laden woods and apple orchards which surround the village, there is no pressure, the choice is yours.


Tai Chi (long Yang form) is running concurrently to the homeopathy course and so you can arrange on an individual basis with Fransoise Poutays to accompany her and her attendees to an early morning sunrise Tai Chi session on the beach.  This cost will be additional, please contact Francoise on 00 30 210 271 9417 to express your interest in joining her class.  

To find out more please go to www.kalikalos.com for further details about the course and the booking arrangements.


Marie Woodward
210 671 3782 (mornings) or Mobile: 6942 909559