What is Homeopathy?


The word homeopathy actually originates from the Greek word “Homeo” meaning similar and “Pathos” meaning suffering.  This is the law of similar on which Homeopathy is based.  It means that substances which can cause symptoms in a healthy individual are also capable of curing these symptoms in the person who is unwell.


Homeopathy is a complementary therapy which has been in use for the last 200 years and treats the individual as a whole by taking all of the symptoms, both physical and emotional and prescribing a remedy that will encompass those symptoms in their totality.  The remedies themselves are mainly sourced from plants, minerals and some metals. 

The process of manufacturing the remedies is by the means of succession and dilution and is carried out by professional pharmacists.  The remedy can be diluted so many times that there are imperceptible amounts of the original substance remaining and it is the mere imprint of the substances which stimulates the body to heal itself.  The remedies are therefore safe and without side effects.  An example is the remedy Allium Cepa which is made from the red onion.  Homeopaths will use this remedy to treat conditions which produce symptoms of watery eyes and catarrhal inflammation caused by a cold or hay fever.  The symptoms produced by the remedy are matched to the symptoms of the ailment.