What to expect from your homeopathic consultation


  •  The homeopathic consultation is very detailed and often people are surprised that it may last up to 2 hours.  This is because your homeopath needs to gather as much information as possible in order to prescribe a homeopathic medicine that fits you as an individual.
  •  The homeopath will not only ask about your history and current complaint but also much detail about your family history and other factors which may affect you such as lifestyle/stress.  As homeopathy is a holistic therapy the case taking does not only focus on the physical level but also on emotional states which may have a bearing on your case.  The more information you can share with your practitioner the easier it will be for the practitioner to find the correct prescription.
  •  Usually you will need to see your homeopath every 4-5 weeks to follow your reaction to the homeopathic medicine.  Patients with long standing complaints of many years duration will need to be seen at regular intervals (as above) for the first few months.  Patients with symptoms that developed more recently will usually have a quicker response to treatment. In some exceptional cases it sometimes happens that the patient is seen only once and has such a  positive response to the prescription that they do not need repeated visits.  Follow up consultations are therefore tapered according to the progress of each individual.